Kirkwood MO Community of Christ

Community of Christ

Kirkwood Congregation

830 North Kirkwood Road
Kirkwood, MO 63122
(314) 822-2675

Our Mission

We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.

Temple Cross

Our Vision

We believe that the future belongs to God and that the promise of God’s kingdom shall be fulfilled. We have a vision of that kingdom where Jesus Christ is truly honored, where God’s will is done on earth, where the hungry are fed, poverty alleviated, sinners are repentant, and sin is forgiven. We believe that love is the proper foundation of our relationship with others, that opportunity to grow in the likeness of Christ should be fostered, and that the resources of the world can be managed to respect and preserve their creation and purpose. We dream of a time when all evil is overcome and peace prevails.

We will be an international community of prophetic vision, faithful to the risen Christ, empowered by hope, spending ourselves courageously in the pursuit of peace and justice.

We proclaim Jesus Christ Who lived, died, and lives again. Who acknowledged each person's dignity and worth. Who brought, for all people, the message of redemption and of God's inexhaustible love.

Through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, we experience God-our creator, sustainer, compainion, and source of life. Because we belive that God ocntinues to be revealed, both to groups and to individuals, we remain open to new understandings. Our journey of dicipleship embraces insight from scripture, prayer, nature, history, and our own faith community.

Worldwide, each of our congregations is a warm, participative community where we worship God, take part in baptisim and the Lord's Supper, and enjoy fellowship. We respect-and use-the gifts and talents of each person, from oldest to youngest. In neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and organizations, we serve God by caring for each other, for all people, and for the earth itself.

We promote communities of joy, hope, love and peace. Community: A place to belong. Women, men and children-all holding something in common. A gorup working together toward a cherished purpose, and welcoming newcomers with joy.

The "Peaceful Kingdom" that the prophet Isaiah envisioned: Where the lion and the lamb, led by a child, can lie down together; and where the earth is full of the knowledge of God.

Whether one labels it Zion, shalom, or God's kingdom on earth, it starts right here, right now. This is the great task to which we've been called: not to wait for a coming kingdom, but to work faithfully and practically-today-toward wholeness for all creation. Community of Christ is who we are. Together with God, we participate in building a world of reconciliation, justice, and an active, redemptive peace for all.